Easy Trip Dos Version

Q1: After I installed the DOS Version of Easy Trip, I started the program by typing, ET -Index.  Next I pressed F3 form the "Reindex Screen" to Reindex all of the files. During the Indexing an error appeared that said DOS Error 4, "Not enough Handles".  How do I correct this?

A1: Exit or Quit Easy Trip. This should take you back to the C:\ET prompt. Type the following:  

The screen prompt should say C:\. If you are not on the C drive, type C: and then enter. From the C:\ prompt type the following:

There should be a line in this file that says FILES=X, where X is a number. Change the value of X to 85 and then save the file and exit. You must restart (reboot) your computer for the new value to take effect. Once the computer is back on proceed with typing ET -index and F3 to Reindex all files.

Q2: How do I set up the DOS version of Easy Trip to run from Windows 95, 98, or NT?

A2: To run the DOS Version of Easy Trip from Windows 95, 98, or NT you can create a "ShortCut" which will put an icon on your desktop that you may click on to start the program. To set up a "ShortCut" follow these instructions:

1  Click on START
2  Highlight FIND, then select Files/Folders
3  Type ET.EXE in the Name Field
4  Click on Find Now
5  Highlight the ET Application icon in the File list
6  Hold down the Left Mouse button and Drag the ET Icon onto your Desktop

To select a different icon for Easy Trip, right click on the icon and then select "Properties". Next, click on the PROGRAM tab. In the lower right is a button that says "Change Icon". Click on the button to select a new icon. Windows has a "Racing Car" icon that many of our clients currently use.

You may also need to add the following line to your Autoexec.Bat file. For information on this setting refer to Q4 in Printer Issues.

SET DOS16M= :12M

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