Printer Issues

Easy Trip Dos Version

Q1: Why am I getting strange characters on my printed Reservation Trip Sheet and Invoices in the DOS Version of Easy Trip?

A1: This problem occurs mostly with laser printers. Check to ensure the printer settings in Easy Trip correspond to your printer. Proceed as follows:

The "Laser Printer" data field must be set to "Y" (yes) or "N" (no), corresponding to your specific printer.

You may need to adjust your printer hardware to accommodate Graphic Characters by changing the printer font in your printer. Your printer manual should have instructions on how do this or you will need to contact the printer manufacturer for further assistance. Due to the large number of printers available BG Consulting may not be able to give instructions for adjusting your printer.

Q2: Why is the Liability Form on the Reservation Trip Sheet not printing in small or condensed characters? Why is there a large blank area to the right of the Liability Form?

A2: Proceed as follows to verify the settings for the "Laser Printer" data field correspond with your printer.

The "Laser Printer" data field must be set to "Y" (yes) or "N" (no), corresponding to your specific printer. While on this field, press F2 to view the Easy Trip printer settings.

The first two settings are the printer codes for condensed printing. The third field indicates the width for the Liability form, the default is 130. The fourth field indicates the number of lines printed per page, the default is 63.

Q3: Why does the Reservation Trip Sheet print one or two extra lines on a second page? How can I make it fit on one page?

A3: Please refer to the previous two Questions and Answers for instructions on the Easy Trip printer settings.

The fourth field mentioned above controls the number of lines Easy Trip will print on each page. The value in ET must match the setting for "Lines Per Page" in your printer. The ET setting can be adjusted from 60 to 64 lines per page. If the ET setting is reduced, lines will be subtracted from the Liability form.

Q4: I can print a Reservation Trip Sheet, but when I attempt to print or display reports from "Print and View Reports", I receive an error indicating I have no memory. How can I fix this?

A3:  The DOS Version of Easy Trip  requires about 6MB of extended memory to run. To limit ET from using all of the available extended memory, the following line is required in your Autoexec.Bat file on each computer.

The DOS16 command must be entered exactly as shown, including the spaces. If your computer has additional available extended memory you can increase the value of 10M. If the number is too large Easy Trip will not start but no damage will be done to your ET data.

The Autoexec.Bat file is located in the root directory of the C drive. From the "C:\" prompt type the following command to add the DOS16M statement:

After the DOS16M  line has been added to your Autoexec.Bat file, you must restart (reboot) your computer.

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