Easy Trip

Personal Version of Easy Trip for Windows

The Personal Version has the same features as the Professional Version with the exception of the Accounts Receivable Module, which has been removed. 

The other features not found in the Personal Version are: Customer Rebates, Credits and Debits, Customer Aging, and Account Receivable Reports.

reddot.gif (351 bytes)The cost of the Windows Personal Version is $ 575.

reddot.gif (351 bytes)The Annual License and Support Fee is reduced to $ 200 per year.

reddot.gif (351 bytes)The cost to upgrade from the Personal Version to the Professional Version is $ 400.

reddot.gif (351 bytes)The Personal Version can be upgraded to the Professional Version at anytime with no loss of existing data.

reddot.gif (351 bytes)All Customer, Reservation, and Invoice information is fully transferable from the Personal to the Professional Version.

reddot.gif (351 bytes)All of the Additional Modules (except the Credit Card module) can be added to the Personal Version.

( Page Modified on 01/03/06 )

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