Multi-User/Lan Questions

Q1: I am using the Network/LAN version of Easy Trip and I was instructed not to log into multiple computer stations, at the same time, with the same User Password or ID. Why is this?

A1: When Easy Trip is started on the Network/LAN multi-user version, users must Log In before Easy Trip will run. Logging into Easy Trip is very similar to logging onto a Network. Once a user has logged into ET,  internal codes are generated so ET can use temporary files. These temporary files are used in places such as the Reservation Dispatch and the Manifest.

If the same user is logged into two computers at the same time, with the same ID, and both computer stations attempt to access a module in ET that uses these temporary files, an error may occur.

We strongly recommend that the same user should not log on multiple computers with the same ID. If needed,, create multiple ID's for a given user.

Q2: I have the Security Module for Easy Trip and I would like to know, are there any rules I need to follow when defining the Station ID # and Users Name?

A2: The Station ID # must be a unique number for each Easy Trip User. The ID # must also be a two digit number. If you use a number less than ten, you must proceed it with a Zero. The Station ID number is used for naming temporary ET files and a single digit number will cause conflicts. The User Name can not have any spaces and should also be unique.

( Page Modified on 10/19/03 )

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