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Changing the oil and servicing your vehicles is something you have to do on a regular basis, if you want to keep your cars on the road. Are you willing to take the risk and just "trust" the breaks in your vehicle will work? Preventive maintenance of your vehicles is usually more economical than trying to fix the damage of putting off an oil change.

Backing up your computer data is very similar and can be thought of as a insurance policy. No one wants to think that they will really need their back ups. But there is a good chance that at some point your computer may fail to operate, be lost in a theft, or damaged in a natural disaster.

How often to Back Up

Data that changes on a constant basis should be backed up daily. Failure to do this may result in the lose of your data and possible revenue. Backing up your computer data applies to any software application you are using, not just Easy Trip software..

When you update any hardware or software on your computer system you need to perform a full back up before the changes are made. This includes but is not limited to: your network, printers, hard disks, new version of Windows, Easy Trip, Word, Office, etc.

If the new hardware or software does not install or update completely without any errors, do not ignore the error. Continuing to use hardware or software after an error has occurred can be dangerous, and may cause additional problems.

Reliable Back Ups

A current and accurate back up of your computer data could save your business and will definitely save you time and grief.

When was the last time you verified the information on your back-up tape or CD to ensure you are backing up what you intended to back up? Are your back ups stored in a safe place?

So What Is the Solution?

To accurately back up data you should not normally be using the program you want to back up data for. If there is a back up utility in the software make sure to follow the directions carefully so all of your data is backed up.

We suggest using a Zip Drive or CD Writer to back up your Easy Trip data. Back up s should be done on a removable media so it can be easily transported and stored off site.

Make sure someone at your company is responsible for performing your back ups on a regular basis.

Make sure no one is using Easy Trip when you back up.
Do regular back ups daily or at least once a week.

Label your back ups properly with the current calendar date and time.

Store your back ups off site for security and safety.

Do not overwrite your back ups immediately. Save at least two months worth of back ups before you reuse the media.

Test your back ups occasionally to ensure they are reliable.

Compare your back up with the original data.

Do not ignore errors during a back up.

( Page Modified on 12/01/04 )

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