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The purpose of this section is to provide support for Early Response. We have included a number of resources here to help you find answers to questions, resolve issues, and learn about our product.

Technical Support

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Product Introduction

Early Response is a software program which can determine if a person has confirmed their existing appointment. If not, Early Response will notify the person in charge so the appropriate action can be taken. This enterprising new software provides the peace of mind transportation owners have been looking for.

The program has been designed to let you know if there may be a problem with a potentially missed reservation or appointment in plenty of time to resolve the issue.

Early Response is comprised of four parts.

(1 ) A Contact is the person who has the appointment or schedule to keep. In the transportation industry this would be the chauffeur or driver.

Up to three different telephone numbers can be entered for each Contact. The location or type of phone number, such as "home" or "cell", can be specified.

(2) A Supervisor is the person who will be notified if the Contact does not confirm their appointment.

Up to three different telephone numbers can be entered for each Supervisor. The location or type of phone number can be specified.

3) Transactions are the appointments the Contact is scheduled for. In the transportation industry a Transaction is the same as a reservation.

A single Transaction consists of a transaction number, transaction date, and time of the transaction.

The check-in interval, the Contact, and at least one Supervisor must be specified. Up to three supervisor phone numbers can be specified for each transaction.

When the transaction time is entered the check-in interval will automatically be calculated. This is the time interval the Contact must call into Early Response during, to reconfirm their transaction or reservation.

As an example, the begin time default might be 120 and the end time default set might be 75. If the transaction time is 6:00 am, then the check-in interval would be from 4:00 am to 4:45 am.

The begin time and end time defaults, for the Contact check-in interval, can be predefined.

4) The Phone Automation is the selection that monitors pending Transactions and checks if the Contact has called in to confirm their Transaction. If the Contact does not call in to Early Response in the appropriate check-in interval the software will start calling the designated Supervisor(s) for that Transaction.

Once a Supervisor has been contacted, Early Response will play a message indicating which Contact has not called in. The Supervisor now has plenty of time to found out if a run or pick-up is about to be missed. With Early Response you can pretty much guarantee no more missed runs.

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Sound Files

Early Response uses sound files to prompt Contacts or Supervisors for their pin numbers and Transaction numbers as needed. The software ships with a set of pre-recorded sound files which may be re-recorded as desired.

The on-line help file indicates the suggested text for each file, however users may wish to modify the sound files for customization. Early Response should be used to record any necessary sound files or to change the existing ones.

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