What is Early Response?

Bob: Can you tell me what Early Response is?
ER Support It is a program to help your company avoid missing runs.
Bob: Where does Early Response get installed?
ER Support: On a computer at your office or home.
Bob: How does Early Response work?
ER Support: Drivers call the computer in your office where Early Response is installed, using their phone. The purpose of the Driver's call is reconfirm and acknowledge their Reservation.
Bob: What does the Driver do when they call in?
ER Support: Enter their private Pin # when prompted by Early Response. You can also have the Driver enter the Reservation # and optionally the Pick Up Time.
Bob: When should the Driver call into Early Response?
ER Support: During a Check-In Interval which is a time frame you specify in the software. For example, the Check-In Interval could be from one to two hours before the Reservation Pick-Up Time.
Bob: What happens if the Driver does not call in during the Check-In Interval?.
ER Support: Early Response can either call the Driver and ask if they want to confirm the Reservation or call the Dispatcher on duty.
Bob: What if the Driver does not call in and the Dispatcher is not answering the phone?
ER Support: Early Response can call up to three different Dispatchers or the same Dispatcher at different phone numbers. The program can be set up to wait a few minutes and call the Dispatchers several times.
Bob: Early Response sounds like an awesome program.How soon can I start using ER?
ER Support: We can have you up an running right away. Feel free to email or fax BG Consulting and we will get you started today!

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